Sorry, men

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Sorry darling, I can not kiss you today

Loyalty leaned its lips on my neck last night

My mouth won’t stop singing beauty

My spirit finally revives in wonder

Dancing far from me

From you

From this sad

Thirsty love game


It twirls lightly, pirouette of flames

My smile propagates in circles of abyss and lava

As I was no more holding my breath


To not being free


Sorry darling, no, today I can’t

The Poet’s hands hold me close


My breath now

Became warmer and I

Am faithful

Only to myself


I feel I must play now

With the playboy who does not play

With the animal who does not contain

Because time, my darling

Is one

And this paucity can not freeze it


Sorry darling today I can’t

I traveled by sea

By air and land

In the universe I walked

To slowly

Undress from my desires

And then naked

With dusty feet

Wear life


I’m sorry darling it takes courage

I went get it by myself

His pulse is in here now

His word in my hair

Caresses without touch

Winds of other worlds

Without which I can not breathe


Sorry darling I’ve found my way

And I don’t have any more cold kisses to give

Because not being in love

Over there in front of the sea

Is the greatest thing

That could happen to me




I came empty

And am now fullfilled




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