Almond eyes

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Almond eyes
Cherry lips
Skin smooth as petals
Of a forbidden, lost flower –
Ocean scented
Hot blooded
As if he was mortal

I had never touched
An angel’s smile
Soft as fairness
Intense, deep
As the colour of the sun
At daybreak

I had never felt
Kindness’ taste
Light, on my lips
As rain drops on my conscience
Wet again

Now I know
The delicate fragrance
Of the wind on me
Echoing far worlds
Steps, sounds, veils

I had never thought
Of the shape of essence –
Of the flavour of honesty
Of confidence

Then, somewhere
For a moment I met
The little god of crystal
I watched, slow
In his eyes full
Of beauty
And I saw
And I heard –

A whole night I travelled
With him between the stars
He took me with him
As far as the sky
Holding me in flight
With the strength of his breath
Silently, with eyes closed

And now I understand
And complexity
Exist together
In the universe

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